Anyone who has a passion for working on vehicles can pursue an automotive engineering degree from an accredited school. A career as an automotive engineer can be very lucrative, and having the right education and training can prepare a person to pursue this career path. These five schools are among the best for automotive engineering students.

Clemson University

Located in South Carolina near the center of NASCAR, learning institution draws many new students each year who are passionate about automotive racing. The education programs at this school can give students thorough training that they need to succeed. Students can also take part in the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) while studying for their degrees.

University of Texas at Arlington

This university offers two automotive engineering degree programs that provide students even more opportunities for learning. The class sizes in each degree program or normally small, which lets attendees receive more individualized attention from instructors.

University of Michigan

Students can enroll in this acclaimed university in Ann Arbor, MI, to study for a master’s degree in automotive engineering. The automotive engineering degree program includes more in-depth training in engineering fundamentals and the latest automotive systems. Students are also able to sharpen their interdisciplinary and teamwork skills to help them become more successful in their work.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

The motorsports engineering program at this school is perfect for anyone who wants to play an integral role in automotive racing or other motorsports. One notable graduate of this program is Ryan Newman, one of NASCAR’s most famous drivers. Graduates have also become successful engineers at Detroit auto manufacturing plants.

Kettering University

Located in Flint, MI, this university has been training individuals for work in the automotive industry from more than a century. Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs provided by the school’s Mechanical Engineering Department offer comprehensive training on a wide range of automotive engineering subjects. Students are also given a chance to work closely with the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Any of these institutions for higher learning can prepare people who want to earn a living as an automotive engineer. The programs at these schools have helped many people achieve the degrees that are required to find work and stability in this in-demand industry.