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About Murad

A resident of Huntington Beach, California, Murad Shuqom is an accomplished and mindful leader in the automotive industry. As the Chief Racing Director of Dime Racing, Murad often reflects on his journey to personal and professional success, which was certainly not easy to endure.

As a young boy, Murad would spend much of his time engrossed in the various races sponsored by Formula One. Watching such programs in his formative childhood years encouraged him to get outside and try racing for himself — though, at first, his vehicle selection was limited to go-karts. Even still, Murad experienced an unforgettable rush that would propel him toward passionately pursuing his dream of breaking into the automotive industry one way or another.

The first step in Murad Shuqom’s journey was emigrating to the United States. Although a lofty and intimidating task, Murad made the transition look easy, especially as he began working as a local mechanic shortly thereafter. Despite the odds that were stacked against him, Murad’s talents and tireless work ethic shone brightly, impressing all who worked closely with him. As a result, Murad was empowered to showcase his strategic mindset and understanding of larger business procedures, which led him to move through the ranks.

Given his newfound levels of experience and expertise, Murad Shuqom took the plunge into entrepreneurship and, in 2010, established his own auto export company. In this capacity, Murad had the privilege of building his organization from the ground up, finding the right employees to carry out high-level strategies, market the company, and adopt the latest practices of the automotive industry — no matter if they were technological or procedural in nature.

After four successful years running his own business, Murad was given the opportunity to become Chief Racing Director of Dime Racing, a California-based organization that put an emphasis on automotive research and innovative technologies that originate from racing. Given how closely the goals of Murad Shuqom and Dime Racing aligned, he felt compelled to take the chance.

Now, nearly five years later, Murad is thankful he took that leap of faith. After all, he is currently able to focus on the development of not only an organization, its innovations, and processes, but of its employees as well — an area of focus Murad is incredibly passionate about.

All in all, Murad Shuqom is a proponent of fearlessly pursuing one’s goals, no matter how outlandish they may seem. He believes that if he could make the journey to the United States and find success, anyone can achieve anything they put their mind to.

To glean further insight into Murad’s experience in the automotive industry, as well as his perspective on racing and motorsports, be sure to visit his blog page!

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